Ida – 2014




These are just a few words that come to mind when I think of this truly inspired film.

The 1:1.33 frame rarely moves, characters are either falling in or falling out of each masterfully framed black and white composition. I felt I was watching a rebirth of Bergman’s B&W classics.

The story is slow, but profound and deeply moving. The pain, doubt and fear each character portrays is so subtle but somehow at the same time overbearing.

The story is about a young woman who is preparing to take her vows to become a nun. Before she can do so, she is asked by Mother Superior to visit her last remaining family, her aunt.

Her aunt her absolute polar opposite. How can these two women be related? Her aunt is very much a free woman. She sleeps with strangers, drinks heavily, is a judge and of course she is Jewish.

With out giving away too much of the actual story, I am left in awe, asking the following questions.

What am i supposed to take away form this movie? Is it a statement of the systematic and subconscious removal of Jewish culture from post-WWII Europe? Is it a tale of how the religion you grow up in is the religion in which you feel the safest, despite the fact that it may not be who you are? It is a profound deceleration of the pain that the truth brings and how living with the truth is too unbearable to live with?

Or, does it, as my good friend Paul would say, have to mean anything? Can it just be?

Do your self a favor, watch this movie. It is something to talk about and really a gem in the age where movies like Horrible Bosses 2 and Get Hard are being made.(note: I have seen neither. I have based my premonition assuming the best the potential of both movies ) It is a film that people will talk about in film history classes in the future.

It is a film you need to see.

Four out of Four stars


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