Unbreakable (They Alive Damnit) Kimmy Schmidt

So, I have dedicated this blog to the art of Film. This doesn’t mean that I plan to focus on feature films only, nor exclusively theatrical releases. Occasionally, I will stumble out from the darkened theater and out in to the rest of the world. Usually, I am not too excited about what I find, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, on the other hand, is one of the rare exceptions.

Ellie Kemper is just do GODDAMN likeable in this role. Many people will remember her role as the secretary replacing Pam in the American Office, but she really shows that she can carry the whole show.

The best, most likeable part of the show is her relationship with her Gay, Black, Broadway hopeful, roommate.

The entire series is short and sweet. I really like that Netflix released it all at once.  The only downside, now we have to wait a year to watch the next season.

So, all in all, Kimmy Schmidt is worth watching. It’s cute, It’s funny and the characters are really really likable.

Go Watch It.


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